Melissa Mykal Batalin (BAT-ah-lynn) lives and creates in Troy, NY. She’s an artist, designer, and thing-maker. After growing up in the forests of Pennsylvania, she studied painting, printmaking and bookbinding in Massachusetts before landing in Upstate New York and becoming an experience designer by day.

By night, Melissa dreams of wandering more—she never tires of seeing clouds from above and the patterns of life from the sky—and soaking in new experiences wherever her travels might take her.

Melissa has illustrated and designed hundreds of book covers and spends her days creating immersive experiences. But she always finds her way back to printmaking drawing upon her upstate surroundings, heritage, and inspiration from her travels to create prints.

When not working or printing, she can be found working on her strange but wonderful living space—an old carriage factory turned living space and studio—either working on the next phase of renovation or in the large garden planning her next infusion or tossing a ball for her rescue dogs.